Restaurants in Nashville Airport

Flight Park’s Nashville Airport Food Guide – Dining and Restaurants in Nashville Airport

If you’re traveling out of Nashville International Airport (BNA), chances are you’ll be looking for a bite to eat before boarding your flight, and if so, you’re in luck! BNA has a wide array of restaurants, eateries, and cafés available for travelers, both domestic and international. 

Yes, Flight Park is an airport parking provider, not a restaurant. However, we pride ourselves in helping our customers have the most enjoyable travel experience possible and while we believe convenient and affordable parking is a big piece of that, there is more that goes into planning the perfect trip. In our opinion, food is an important part of any enjoyable trip, so we have put together this Nashville Airport Food Guide. You’ll find recommendations for the best restaurants in Nashville Airport and practical tips for finding food quickly and conveniently. We hope you start your trip with a stress-free parking experience, followed by the perfect before flight meal!

Introduction to Nashville Airport Food

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Nashville International Airport boasts a wide selection of eateries, ranging from fast-food joints to upscale restaurants. It’s even home to a handful of local, Nashville-specific eateries, so you can enjoy some of the city’s best fare before hopping on your flight. 

If you’re looking for delicious and freshly-prepared food options when visiting the Nashville International Airport (BNA), you couldn’t find a better place. From a variety of fast-food restaurants and national chains to unique local eateries, you’ll be able to find something to satisfy your hunger.

The Nashville Airport has over 40 different places to grab a bite, located both inside the terminals and near the parking lots. Whether you’re in the mood for a snack or a full meal after a long flight, you’ll find something to fit your appetite and budget. There are also a few cafés and juice bars serving up a variety of fresh smoothies and other tasty beverages.

If you’re in a rush, there are several fast-food options at the airport. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A all offer quick options for a snack or a meal on the go. Or, if you’d prefer something a little more sophisticated, you can try Nashville’s award-winning hot chicken at Hattie B’s, enjoy a juicy burger and sweet potato fries at the Burger Up, or savor the unique seafood dishes at The Flying Fish.

For something a bit more casual, there are several popular local restaurants that serve up a variety of tasty options. You can grab a delicious taco or burrito from Fiesta Mexicana, enjoy handmade pizza from City Oven Pizza, or get a healthy salad from Veggie. Nashville, or satisfy your southern-style cravings at the Mockingbird Cafe.

If you’re looking for something sweet, you won’t want to miss the ice cream at Haagen-Dazs, candy from Papabubble, or the myriad of options at Hiway Doughnuts. On top of that, you can find a great cup of coffee from Kookaburra Coffee, a variety of pastries from Jamba Juice, and a few other smaller sweet treat stands.

What Restaurants in Nashville Airport?

Whether you’re in the mood for a sit-down meal or something fast, there are plenty of options at BNA. Here are some of the best restaurants at Nashville International Airport: 

The Catbird Seat: Located in Concourse C, The Catbird Seat is a trendy restaurant that specializes in New American cuisine. The menu includes dishes like smoked pork shoulder, fried chicken, vegetables, and even burgers. 

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant: Puckett’s is a local classic and a Nashville favorite. Located in Concourse A, it serves up Southern-style classics such as catfish, grilled and fried chicken, smoked pork spare ribs, and more. 

Myrtle & Rose: For a unique dining experience, check out Myrtle & Rose in Concourse C. This modern Southern restaurant offers small plates, an ever-changing seasonal menu, and even weekly chef specials. 

Jack’s Old South BBQ: Jack’s BBQ is an airport classic. Located in Concourse C, it serves up traditional pulled pork, hickory-smoked ribs, sandwiches, and more. 

Taco Mamacita: If you’re craving Mexican food, then head to Taco Mamacita in Concourse A. It’s a fast-casual joint, so you can grab your food and go. Creative options on the menu include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more. 

Tootsie’s Café: Fuel up for your flight at Tootsie’s Café located in Concourse B. This café brings a taste of Nashville to the airport, featuring signature dishes with a southern twist, including a spicy Nashville Hot Chicken biscuit and tasty sandwiches like the Ballyhoo Club. 

American Stockyard: American Stockyard in Concourse C offers travelers a delectable menu featuring flavors from Texas and the Southwestern United States. Make sure to try the Grillades and Grits, catfish po’boys, and homemade huckleberry cheesecake. Plus, there are plenty of homemade sauces and jellies to take home with you as you depart. 

Auntie Anne’s: If you’re more in the mood for a snack than a full meal, Auntie Anne’s in Concourse C should do the trick. Enjoy crowd favorites like classic pretzel dogs, cinnamon sugar pretzels, and lemonade. And, you can always mix it up with creative flavors like raspberry cheesecake and maple sugar pretzels. 

PizzaVita: Need to grab a slice of pizza before your flight? Look no further than PizzaVita in Concourse C. It provides a straightforward menu of classic pizzas like Margherita, pepperoni, and cheese, made with Neapolitan-style dough and fresh ingredients. 

Mango’s: If global flavors fit your travel cravings, then Mango’s in Concourse C should satisfy you. This global eatery offers Mexican-inspired dishes, including burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and empanadas. You’ll also find flavorful entrees like mango chimichurri chicken and shrimp scampi, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to adventurous international fare. 

Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish: Big Shake’s in Concourse C brings the bold flavors of Nashville-style hot chicken to the airways. Signature offerings include the Big Shake Chicken Sandwich, loaded with Nashville Hot Chicken and coleslaw, and the Southern Style Catfish Sandwich. And, don’t miss the truffle-seasoned skinny fries for a truly indulgent meal. 

Burger Republic: Whether you’re a diehard burger lover or a veggie-seeking omnivore, Burger Republic in Concourse C has something for you. Choose from an array of char-grilled burgers like the smoky wild boar or the spicy vegan, plus a menu of tots and sides like French onion rings and the “loaded Idaho” potato. 

The Commodore Grille: Stroll into Concourse C and experience The Commodore Grille, a full-service restaurant with a diverse menu of entrees like Malbec Braised Short Ribs, Grilled Salmon, and Jambalaya. The Commodore Grille also offers traditional favorites like the Cobb Salad and a variety of sandwiches and pizzas. 

Hops House: Ready for some adult beverages to help you relax before your flight? Head to Concourse C to visit Hops House. Sip on local brands of draft beer, plus top-shelf liquors, wines, and frozen margaritas. You’ll also find some light appetizers such as hamburgers, and yummy desserts like deep dish cookie dough. 

Tips For Finding Food Quickly & Conveniently

There are a variety of restaurants in Nashville Airport, but if you’re in a hurry to make your flight, you’ll want to find food quickly and conveniently. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Download the BNA app
The official BNA app has a ton of useful resources for travelers, including a list of restaurants and eateries located in the airport. You can even filter the list by type of food or by proximity to your gate, so you know exactly where you’re headed.

Look for grab-and-go options
If you need to grab food quickly, look for grab-and-go options in the airport. These are usually counter service or fast-food restaurants, so you can get your food quickly and get back to your gate in no time.

Consider packing food
If you know you’ll be in a hurry, consider packing your own food before you get to the airport. Pack something healthy and easy to eat, such as a sandwich or a salad. You can also pack snacks and energy bars if you need a quick pick-me-up before your flight.

In addition to all the food options, the Nashville Airport also offers numerous other services to make your visit even more enjoyable. You can take advantage of the Free Wi-Fi, shop at the numerous stores, and even get a massage at the Relache Spa. Regardless of what brings you to the airport, you’re sure to find something to eat that suits your tastes. So grab a snack while you’re there and enjoy your visit to Nashville.

Perfect Meal, Perfect Parking

As we mentioned, we care about helping travelers have a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience – for everything from finding the perfect parking spot to eating the perfect meal. If you are driving to and flying out of BNA, finding convenient and affordable parking will be important. If there’s one thing we know about busy airports, it’s that parking at the airport and in the surrounding vicinity can be a downright mess, if not a total nightmare to contend with.

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The Bottom Line on Nashville Airport Food

Finding food on the fly can be a hassle at any airport, but there’s no need to worry when you’re at the Nashville International Airport. With its wide variety of restaurants and eateries, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal or something fast and convenient, BNA has you covered.

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