Compare BNA Airport Parking Rates

For those of you who are parking at Nashville Airport, make sure to know your available parking options and be aware of the different BNA Airport Parking Rates. Lucky for you, most of that work has already been done for you below with this comparison of Nashville Airport Parking rates:
Short-term parking is ideal for people who need to make a quick run inside the airport. If you desire to park here for the remainder of your trip, you will have to shell out $19/day. This option is a bit overpriced and not ideal for the traveler.
Nashville Airport’s long-term parking option is further away than the short-term parking lot, but it is more affordable. Because walking to the airport would take a long time, the shuttle runs about every 5-10 minutes. While cheaper than the short-term parking lot, the long-term parking rates still clock in at $14/day.
Nashville Airport’s economy lot is less than a mile away from the airport terminals. Since it is quite a distance to travel with luggage, walking to Nashville Airport (BNA) is not ideal. Instead, you will have to wait for the shuttle, which makes its rounds every 10-15 min. Once the shuttle arrives the ride to Nashville Airport will take an additional 10 min because other passengers will need to be picked-up. If you choose an economy parking option, be sure to arrive at the airport early to make-up for any possible delays. The shuttle can be crowded, and you often may have to wait for another one.
Flight Park offers discounted Nashville Airport parking rates with better service. On top of offering free shuttle bus service, we also offer valet parking for our customers. Plus, we are less than 4 minutes from the airport.
Even though our BNA Airport parking rates are competitive, we offer a great experience! With our on-demand shuttle, auto detailing services, and online Flight Park Nashville Airport parking reservations, we truly offer our customers a first-rate service. On top of all that, we offer corporate parking discounts. If your company travels out of Nashville Airport frequently, we can save you money and provide you with a quality experience.
No matter what time of the year you fly out of Nashville Airport (BNA), make sure that you are saving yourself money without compromising your experience or vehicle safety. If you want to guarantee your parking space with online reservations, an on-demand shuttle, corporate parking discount, or auto-detailing services then choose Flight Park. Enjoy your hassle-free experience with affordable Nashville BNA parking rates.
Short-Term Parking Long-Term Parking Economy Lot Flight Park
Price $19/day $14/day $9/day $10.95/day (with online reservation)
Corporate Parking No No No Yes
Resevations No No No Yes
Shuttle Wait No Shuttle Every 5-10 min Every 10-15 min On-Demand
Auto-Detailing Services No No No Yes